Deetken Impact Website Re-Design and Branding


In terms of money invested, the Impact Investment sector has been growing at a radical rate over the past three years compared to traditional capital-return investment funds. This increase in demand for impact investment options is not unrelated to the coming of age of the “Millennial Generation” – the generation that represents the most technically immersed, digitally savvy, environmentally and socially conscious segment of the population.

This presented a perfect opportunity to begin incorporating a “Millennial” marketing focus within the Deetken Group’s Impact Investing sector.

The purpose of the Deetken Group’s website re-design was to conscientiously – through both design and content – target this growing population of impact investors, while at the same time maintaining the credibility and stellar reputation that they have developed with their current asset management clients.

Additionally, Deetken Impact was being overshadowed to some extent by Deetken Group. The two wings of the business have separate functions, yet that separation was not clearly defined through their brand identities and in the existing umbrella site. The purpose of a standalone website for Deetken Impact was to, along with concerted social media efforts, define Deetken Impact as a stand-alone brand. 

Key Areas Where the Deetken Impact Site Was Improved


Streamlined Content

We condensed information to make it more easily consumed by the reader. We simplified text and created a clear, easy to follow sight structure. 

Purposeful Funneling

We created a “flight path” throughout the site, encouraging users to either contact Deetken Impact to get the investment process started, or to sign-up for their marketing newsletter.

Visual Marketing

In order to simplify information processing, visual cues are utilized throughout the site to support words on the page. The purpose of the particular graphics used is two-fold: to carry an emotional appeal, as well as to provide organizational structure and support to text.

User Interactivity

The scrolling site format lends itself to user interactivity because we are basically giving them nuggets of information on the homepage that visitors can then actively choose to learn more about, ultimately leading to capturing their contact information.

Custom Graphics

factored greatly in creating a memorable visual representation of the Deetken Impact brand. The company logo remains similar to the Deetken Group logo, solidifying their relationship as sister entities. However the “Globe Bank” represents what Deetken Impact does, and has become their go-to messaging graphic both on the web and off.