You Inquire

We contact you back. Either via email, or we can schedule a chat phone. During this conversation we get a better sense of what improvements or changes you think your business or blog needs to position you for growth. We will help you identify key areas in which your presentation could be modified to strengthen your existing brand. If you are a new business or blog, we get a sense of the big-picture dream you have for your new venture, and brainstorm some ways in which we can help you define and build your brand.

Contract and Retainer

After our conversation, if you decide to proceed, we will send you a project proposal including a project timeline and fee break-down. For projects under $500, we require payment in full before the project begins. For projects with a total cost over $500, we require 50% of the quoted amount. This 50% payment is non-refundable once received.

You Get Homework

Once your deposit is made, we will schedule your project and send you your pre-production questionnaire. It is through this worksheet that we get a thorough understanding of your business or blog as it is currently positioned and your goals and vision for the future. We will require this to be completed at least two weeks before your project is scheduled to begin so we have time to brainstorm and research. At this time, we also discuss what collateral items will most benefit your particular business or blog, and the content and pages that should be included in your website.

Project Begins!

Your project begins! The first thing we do is create a brand identity board. This is inspired by elements you pin in our private pinterest board, as well as information provided in your pre-production worksheets. This is where we visually represent your new brand identity. We discuss, and revise if necessary to make sure we are both on the same page in terms of design direction. Your brand identity board provides the direction for logo design, website or blog design, and collateral items (stationery, flyers, digital advertisements, etc.).

Logo & Collateral Design

Once your brand identity board is finalized, we begin logo design. We provide 3 logo options, with two revision rounds. Once the logo is finalized, we use that as the primary inspiration for collateral items. Our business and blog packages each include a plethora of collateral item options, and determining your needs is done during the pre-production phase, so we can seamlessly begin designing those items once your logo is finalized. We offer 1 revisions of collateral items.

Web Design

Lastly, we begin your website design which reflects the brand identity we created thus far. Website content will have been provided during the pre-production phase. If it is a stand-alone blog, we will import your current content (if you have an existing) blog. We offer 2 revisions to the website/blog. At this point we will request the remaining balance due.

You Launch!

You Launch your new brand to the world! Once your website or blog is complete, we install it to your self-hosted wordpress account, make sure everything works perfectly, and give you detailed instructions on how to maintain it on your own. (*We also offer very affordable web-maintenance and web-master packages if you don’t want to get your hands dirty). And then we shout it out on the rooftops that your new brand has launched!

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